Media Release - Celebrating Women Leaders with New Logo and Challenge Coin

Media Release - Celebrating Women Leaders with New Logo and Challenge Coin

Media Release – Celebrating Women Leaders with New Logo and Challenge Coin

Celebrating Women Leaders with New Logo and Challenge Coin

The Prince Albert Police Service’s Women’s Commission is launching a new logo and challenge coin to celebrate efforts by the Commission and the Prince Albert Police Service to recognize the work of our organization, and the goals of the Commission in promoting diversity, inclusion, partnerships, and reconciliation to meet the needs of our community.

This limited edition challenge coin is being launched today, on International Women’s Day, which recognizes the work of women around the world to raise awareness about discrimination and promote gender equity and inclusion. In Prince Albert, the PAPS Women’s Commission is working to advise Chief of Police Jonathan Bergen, and promote initiatives that support truth and reconciliation, culturally-appropriate learning opportunities, and positive relationships with community leaders and residents.

Challenge coins are used by many organizations and groups to represent values and priorities, and are often collected by those in public safety and military roles. Challenge coins often represent significant achievements, and are shared with those from other agencies as a show of respect.

The Women’s Commission challenge coin is representative of the priorities of the Prince Albert Police Service’s Women’s Commission, and its shared goals with our police service. The coin depicts the Prince Albert Police Service crest, together with images of a spruce tree, wheat sheaf, and river for which Prince Albert, and Saskatchewan, is so well known. Members of the Women’s Commission are represented on the coin above a photo of the Diefenbaker Bridge, which connects Prince Albert to our north, and represents the link between our policing partners and community.

The outer edge of the coin includes the Women’s Commission mission as Voices of Change and priorities, including partnerships, community, and balancing trust. The coin is finished in a dark gold, or copper colour, which signifies women’s medicine according to Indigenous tradition.

“This new coin tells the story of our Women’s Commission and our wishes for our community,” said PAPS Elder Liz Settee, co-chair of the Women’s Commission. “We are working with our police service to support wellness and encourage partnerships with groups and organizations that help balance the needs of our community with public safety.”

Chaplain Nora Vedress, co-chair, said the coin will be shared with various partners and groups in our community and province as a symbol of respect and recognition for the work many are also doing to support vulnerable individuals and promote healing and wellness.

“Connection and belonging are important in a healthy society,” Chaplain Vedress said. “The challenge coin will unite us in our efforts to support those looking for connection so they can begin to heal from trauma and pain, and help our police service promote safety through collaboration and partnership.”

“The values that the PAPS Women’s Commission hold are reflected in those who will be gifted our one-of-a-kind new challenge coins,” added Erin Parenteau, Indigenous Resource Officer with the Prince Albert Police Service and a member of our Women’s Commission.

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