Media Release - SACP Firearm Amnesty 2022 - March 21 to April 10

Media Release - SACP Firearm Amnesty 2022 - March 21 to April 10

Media Release – SACP Firearm Amnesty 2022 – March 21 to April 10

SACP Firearm Amnesty 2022 - March 21 to April 10

Today, the Prince Albert Police Service, along with other municipal police services, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ministry of Environment officially launch the 2022 Firearm Amnesty Program. The program, sponsored by the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police (SACP), offers a proactive approach to the issue of gun violence in Saskatchewan.

The SACP Firearm Amnesty program recognizes that our province has a long history and tradition of hunting, agricultural production and recreational marksmanship. The SACP distinguishes that legal, safe and responsible firearm ownership is the practice of most firearms owners in this province. The SACP Firearm Amnesty does not wish to have an adverse effect on responsible firearms owners. Instead, the SACP Firearm Amnesty is designed to lower the risk of violent offences involving firearms by safely collecting and disposing of unwanted firearms that may otherwise fall into the hands of criminals through break & enters or accidental loss.

Reducing the numbers of these firearms in our cities, towns and rural communities will have a positive impact on public safety. An example of an unwanted firearm would be a firearm inherited as part of an estate, but no longer wanted by the surviving relative. The Amnesty also extends to replica or imitation firearms, and any unwanted ammunition or parts of firearms. Between March 21 and April 10, 2022, residents of Saskatchewan are encouraged to contact their municipal police service, nearest detachment of the RCMP, or conservation office to arrange to surrender their unwanted firearms, replica firearms and/or ammunition. In Prince Albert, residents can call 306-953-4222.

Residents wishing to voluntarily surrender their firearms must sign a waiver, which can be found here.

NOTE: Residents must not transport firearms to municipal services, detachments or conservation offices. Improper transportation of firearms presents a safety risk and can result in potential criminal implications. By pre-arrangement, police officers or conservation officers will attend to pick up unwanted firearms from the homes of residents who wish to surrender them. During the period of the SACP Firearm Amnesty, police will not pursue any charges in relation to the unauthorized possession of firearms surrendered as part of this initiative. Immunity from prosecution will not apply to those persons who, when detained or arrested, are found to be in possession of a weapon; nor will it apply if it is determined that a firearm or another weapon has been used for a criminal purpose, or obtained through a criminal act.

In addition to the RCMP and the Ministry of the Environment, the following municipal police services will be participating; Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, Estevan, Weyburn, File Hills First Nations, and Wilton.

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