Meet Our Newest PAPS Officers - Cst. Norrie

Meet Our Newest PAPS Officers - Cst. Norrie

Meet Our Newest PAPS Officers – Cst. Norrie

Meet our newest PAPS officers.

Q & A Interview - Cst. Norrie

1. Give me some background information on yourselves. Age, where you grew up, education/work history, are you married, any kids, how you ended up in Prince Albert etc.

I'm 27 I'm born and raised in Saskatoon. I moved to Prince Albert this past January when I got on as special constable with Bylaw. Single, not married.

2. How was Saskatchewan Police College? Tell me about your experiences. What was the hardest part, the most fun, any big surprises, et cetera.

Very intensive physically, they slam allot of work on you with the courses it's a grind to get through. Time management is big, Four and a half - 20 weeks course. It flies by, it's good to be back.

3. How big were your classes, and how long was the program?

18 people - 20 weeks

4. What made you want to be a police officer?

It is something that I've aspired to do for a long time. I've been applying for 6 years now so it's been a journey just to get to this point. A job where I can give back to the community where I can be role model to society. To serve and protect people. I think it's the coolest job out there.

Right now just mastering patrol will be the goal but I find gang stuff very interesting so that will be a goal for sure.

6 - Is there something about working in Prince Albert that appeals to you, in particular?

Initially I put in applications all around and I had a friend who got on here. He had allot of good things to say about the Service.

Now after moving here, I love this community, I love the size of the community and I really enjoy living here. The Service is a big family. I love working here. There is nowhere else I'd rather live now, there is no where else I'd rather work.

7. How will your Bylaw experience compare or help you now going on patrol?

It will help me in a few ways. It helped since I'm not from Prince Albert being more familiar with the City and with getting to know the community. I'm already familiar with people at work and with operations the computer and radio usage. It gives me a good base to start off of and gives me an upper hand that way.

8. What's the most enjoyable/rewarding part of being a police officer?

Just making a difference in someone's life if we are able to do that, would be the most enjoyable part for me.

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