Record it Lock it Report it

Bike theft is one of the most common types of property crime reported in Prince Albert. Thieves often target bikes as a way to travel to other areas of our community in order to commit further crimes, such as break and enter, theft, or vandalism. Stolen bikes can also be quickly repainted or taken apart, making them difficult to identify.

Recording details and keeping photos of your bike, and ensuring it is properly locked and secured, are the best ways to deter bike theft. Keep your receipt for proof of purchase and ensure you record the following information about your property:







Serial Number:  

Keep Your Bike Secure:

  • Ensure you are using a good quality lock for your bike. It's a good idea to keep it locked and secured even if it's inside a garage or shed. Many bikes are stolen from inside these types of locations.
  • Lock both the wheel and the frame of your bike. Wheels can easily and quickly be removed by thieves.
  • Mark or engrave something onto your bike in an area that isn't easily visible to others, such as under the seat or near the wheel inside the frame. Choose a mark that only you would recognize and keep a picture of it. Storing a small item inside the frame of your bike is another way to help ensure you can identify your bike.
  • Consider using a second lock to ensure more security.
  • Always make sure your bike is properly secured for the night. Never leave it out on the front lawn, leaning against the side of your house, or unsecured on your balcony.


If your bike does go missing, filing an online police report with a description and serial number can help police return your stolen property. Each year, numerous recovered bikes are sold at auction because there is no police report and police cannot identify the rightful owners.


Note: If you find your bike listed for sale online, do not attempt to recover it on your own. Please contact police at 306-953-4222 for assistance.