Supporting our Gender & Sexually Diverse Community

The Prince Albert Police Service serves all members of the community, regardless of gender or orientation. As a police service, we want to make sure all residents feel safe to be themselves in our community.

Unfortunately, many residents do not feel safe, or feel targeted because of their gender identity. They may feel at risk of judgement or violence in the community and sometimes incidents or threats are not reported to police.

The police service continues to participate in events and opportunities that show our support for the gender diverse community in Prince Albert, including the annual Prince Albert Pride parade. We value our partnerships with Prince Albert Pride and appreciate opportunities to show support for our community through community events, window displays and more.

As a police service, we continue to work to build relationships with the community and encourage education and understanding amongst all members and staff.

The Prince Albert Police Service recruits officers from all walks of life and supports diversity and inclusion. For more information about our recruiting process, please click here.