STEP Blitz Results

STEP Blitz Results

STEP Blitz Results

349 people were caught in driving violations during a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (S.T.E.P) blitz which was held last Thursday and Friday.

Tickets issued included: 125 speeding tickets, 24 cell phone tickets, 49 seatbelt tickets, 22 Vehicle Equipment Regulations (vehicle didn't meet standards), 10 unregistered vehicle tickets, 5 no license tickets etc.

In total 249 tickets were issued and 100 additional warnings were given.

The two-day STEP initiative took place in several locations in the Prince Albert area with participation from the Prince Albert Police Service Traffic Unit alongside provincial partners.

S.T.E.P is a multi-agency task force focused on strategies to improve traffic safety in the province. Members include representatives from police services across Saskatchewan, along with Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), and the provincial Ministries of Justice, Finance and Highways and Infrastructure (Highway Transport Patrol).

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