Media Release - PAPS Wins International Award for Information Sharing Program

Media Release - PAPS Wins International Award for Information Sharing Program

Media Release – PAPS Wins International Award for Information Sharing Program

The Prince Albert Police Service has been recognized internationally for work to enhance internal information sharing and use existing technology to create a more efficient and informed police response to calls for service in our community.

PAPS took first prize in the 2022 Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Award for efforts to enhance Shift Briefing Reports. Members of the Prince Albert Board of Police Commissioners heard details of the new Shift Briefing Reports at a Board meeting Tuesday at City Hall and offered congratulations on the international recognition.

PAPS placed first over the Gatineau Police Service in Quebec and the Pennsylvania State Police.

Shift Briefing Reports are used at the end of each 12-hour Patrol shift to relay information to other shift supervisors with details on the number of calls that shift, police response, pending investigations, and proactive initiatives.

The Prince Albert Police Service uses Versaterm and its programs to track this information on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Using information already available through the Versaterm system, Josie Hemsworth, Office and IT Manager with PAPS; and Kushal Dave, System Programmer; worked with senior Patrol supervisors and administration to create an electronic version of the briefing report that automatically compiles information from the database and captures it in the regular briefing. The enhanced reports also allow for additional information to be added quickly and easily, such as officer scheduling or matters involving vehicle maintenance or repairs.

In announcing the Prince Albert Police Service as recipients of the first place prize, Versaterm said the Shift Briefing Reports project “made use of organizational cooperation, technology and the Versaterm products to enhance community and officer safety.”

“While a number of other organizations have implemented variations of shift briefing reports, the progressive style of development and the special features to enhance content make it stand out,” Versaterm added.

To recognize their first-place finish, Josie Hemsworth and Kushal Dave have also been asked to speak about the revised Shift Briefing Reports at Versaterm’s national conference in Saskatoon this fall.

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