Media Release - Break and Enter Task Force Yields Positive Results

Media Release - Break and Enter Task Force Yields Positive Results

Media Release – Break and Enter Task Force Yields Positive Results

The Prince Albert Police Service has recorded positive results from the recent break and enter task force initiative launched this past summer to address property crime in our community. The break and enter task force launched August 20, 2019 to target property-related offences and return stolen property back to the rightful owners.

Three full-time police officers were redeployed to the task force after a look at statistics showed 91 property-related offences in the month of August, and 101 the previous month. The high-priority task force initiative continued until October 31.

Throughout the initiative, officers working with the task force were able to investigate and solve 21 break and enters to four houses, nine businesses, and eight garages or sheds. Charges were laid against 14 people, eight of whom were aged 31 or older. Six of those charged were between the ages of 19 and 30.

Task force members also recovered property in connection with four other break and enters.

“The mission of this task force was to solve break and enters and reduce future offences in our community,” said Prince Albert Police Inspector Brent McDonald. “The results of this most recent initiative show that criminal networks are operating across multiple jurisdictional boundaries and are primarily fueled by drug addiction. The task force members worked collaboratively with other police agencies to recover stolen property both in and outside the city, and arrest those responsible.”

As part of the local initiative, police also conducted 11 separate investigations involving possession of stolen property, resulting in charges against eight people in connection with thefts of vehicles, and thefts from vehicles and mailboxes. Another 11 people were arrested on outstanding warrants.

Seven of the accused in relation to the possession of stolen property investigation were aged 31 and over, while one was between the age of 19 and 30. Police also recovered two stolen Bobcats, a Dodge 3500, and a 30-foot trailer stolen from a business in Saskatoon.

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