International Women's Day 2018 - Rhonda Meakin

International Women's Day 2018 - Rhonda Meakin

International Women’s Day 2018 – Rhonda Meakin

2018 International Women's Day Q &A

  1. How long you have been at the Police Service. What Unit do you work for and your job title?

Sgt. - Child Protection Unit

22 years of Service - Patrol, Community Services, Office Manager Family Safety Unit, Child Protection Unit.


  1. Can you provide a general description of your week-to-week duties?

Working with partner agencies ensuring the safety of children and youth through investigations, education and proactive initiatives.


  1. What training/education did you take for the job?

I have a Psychology degree and I went through the standard Police College training, and throughout my years of experience I attended additional training including the Child Abuse Investigators Course.


  1. Why did you decide to join the police service?

Something I always wanted to do. To help people. I've been interested since high school.


  1. What's the most enjoyable/rewarding part of your career?

The people. Whether its people I work with here, partners or community individuals and families I've had the opportunity to work with over the years. Being a positive influence on the younger kids and be seen as a mentor to them.


  1. Any advice for women who may encounter workplace challenges or obstacles?

Be yourself. There are so many diverse personalities and everyone has their strengths and everyone complements each other, so don't be afraid to be yourself.


  1. Who were your heroes or role models growing up?

I've turned out to be like my mom.


  1. What are some things you wish you could tell the younger version of yourself?

Don't sweat the small stuff.


  1. Do you have any message you would like to say for young girls out there?

Don't be afraid to try anything you want to try... go for it! Some things might seem very far out of reach but everything is possible.

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