Damage to Mail Boxes - April 4, 2018

Damage to Mail Boxes - April 4, 2018

Damage to Mail Boxes – April 4, 2018

Several Canada Post Community Mail boxes were broken into sometime over Monday night.

During the morning of April 3, 2018 Police responded to five separate reports of community mail boxes that had been broken into. All of the community boxes that were entered were in the area of Crescent Acres and East Hill.

Police do not have any suspects and no arrests have been made.

Police are asking the public to report any suspicious persons or activity in their neighborhood by calling our general line at 306-953-4222 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Tips to keep your mail safe:

  • Collect you mail daily
  • If you’ll be away, use the hold mail service to suspend delivery until you return.
  • When you move file a change of address with Canada Post, advise your banks and companies of your new address.
  • If your mail fails to arrive, contact senders to ensure they have your correct mailing address and report any concerns to Canada Post Customer Service.
  • Shred documents that contain financial information, such as statements and credit card offers.

Think you might be a victim of identity theft? Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center.

If you suspect that mail has been stolen from your mailbox – notify the police and report it to the Canada Post customer service Dept.

Sgt. Travis Willie

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