Weekend Update Report

Weekend Update Report

Weekend Update Report

Prince Albert Police Service had a busy weekend, responding to 269 calls for service between Friday evening and Monday morning. Officers made 44 arrests. The top calls for service were disturbance related calls and  intoxicated person calls.

Notable reports from the weekend include a serial break-and-enter and several garages lit on fire.

File #18557 - Break and Enters

On June 16, 2018, at approximately 11:10 p.m. the Prince Albert Police Service was dispatched to a residence at 1100 Wyllie Crescent for a break-and-enter. The residence owner found a male dressed in dark clothing in his garage who then fled.

Police arrived shortly after and a police dog track was initiated with Police Service Dog Daxa and dog handler Bighetty. The track let to another residence on the 1000 Block of Knox Place where the suspect had recently fled from another garage break-and-enter. The suspect was then located to a third residence on the 1100 Block Branion Drive where he attempted to break into a residential building through a window. The male was confronted by a resident of the building then fled from the location and was unable to be further located.

The Prince Albert Police Service continues to investigate.

File #18702/18707 - Fires

On June 17, 2018 after 6 a.m. the Prince Albert Police Service responded to a call of two residential garage fires one, located on the 1600 Block of 15 Avenue West and another on the 1500 Block of 16 Avenue West. A Police Service Dog track was initiated but the suspect was not located.

Both fires were put out by the Prince Albert Fire Department. Combined financial loss of the two residences due to damage is approximately $100,000.The fires are considered suspicious and being investigated by the Police Service at this time.

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