Provincial Gun Amnesty Program

Provincial Gun Amnesty Program

Provincial Gun Amnesty Program

Starting Thursday, the Prince Albert Police Service will be holding a month-long Gun Amnesty Program in conjunction with other policing authorities throughout the province.

The Gun Amnesty Program will allow Prince Albert residents who have illegal or unwanted firearms, other weapons, or ammunition, an opportunity to voluntarily surrender such items to the police for safe disposal.

The program runs for from March 29 until April 27, 2018. 

To surrender your firearm contact the Prince Albert Police Service at (306) 953-4222.

Police Service members will attend to your residence to safely transport and dispose of the firearm. Do not attempt to transport the weapon yourself.

The Gun Amnesty Program was first successfully piloted by the Regina Police Service in 2017 which successfully obtained 157 unwanted firearms.

This year the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police (SACP) has taken the lead on a province wide program that is modeled after Regina’s 2017 effort.  All organizations that are part of the SACP are participating including the RCMP, SERM, Corman Park and municipal police services throughout the province.

The objectives of the program are to give residents a safe, responsible way to dispose of unwanted firearms and to secondly, cut down provincially on the number of guns that are unsafely stored and then later stolen and used in violent firearms offenses by criminals.

During this time police will not charge individuals with weapon related criminal code offences that might normally apply to the participants possession of a surrendered weapon.

Immunity from prosecution will not apply to those persons who, when detained or arrested, are found to be in possession of a weapon; nor will it apply if it is determined that a firearm or another weapon has been used for a criminal purpose, or obtained by a criminal act.

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