October 26 2017 - Impaired Driver

October 26 2017 - Impaired Driver

October 26 2017 – Impaired Driver

File # 17-37308 Impaired Driving

Prince Albert Police Service arrested a male driver for impaired driving early this morning.

Patrol officers identified a driver with a suspended license leaving the parking lot of 3500 2 Ave West and traveling northbound on 2nd Avenue West. The vehicle was followed for a distance and stopped on 32nd Street West at approximately 2:46 a.m.

Officers approached the vehicle and the driver had appearances of intoxication. The driver was asked to exit the vehicle, and he began verbally assaulting officers. He was arrested and brought back to cells.

The male suspect refused breathalyzer tests.

The 33-year-old male from Prince Albert is charged with failing to provide breath samples and uttering a threat to an officer to cause death or bodily harm.

The suspect will make his first appearance in Prince Albert Provincial Court today (Information #991029788).


Communication Strategist Alanna Adamko

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