New Officer Q&A Interview - Cst. Nicholas Danyliuk

New Officer Q&A Interview - Cst. Nicholas Danyliuk

New Officer Q&A Interview – Cst. Nicholas Danyliuk

Q & A Interview - Cst. Nicholas Danyliuk

  1. Give me some background information on yourselves. Age, where you grew up, education/work history, are you married, any kids, how you ended up in Prince Albert etc.

I'm 25-years-old I'm originally from Saskatoon. I went to school for two years in Prince Albert at Sask Polytechnic here and I worked for three years as a seasonal conservation officer. I spend allot of time outside. I like to hunt, fish, backpack , camp, read and workout. I also like kick-boxing and want to become involved  with that here.

  1. How was Saskatchewan Police College? Tell me about your experiences. What was the hardest part, the most fun, any big surprises, et cetera.

College is allot of fun but it is also allot of work. They put you through the paces for fitness, defensive tactics driving, academics, firearms, things like that, as well as more superficial things like drills such as marching etc.

The most fun part is our post training the most interesting was training on mental health and culture. We had allot of speakers for both areas.

  1. How big were your classes, and how long was the program?

16-person class, 20-week program.

  1. Is there something about working in Prince Albert that appeals to you, in particular?

I like Prince Albert, it's small enough everyone knows each other and there is a familiarity, and it's an amazing location close to the lakes, fishing, trails I like to go too. The police agency is very good, everyone is very close and knows one another. Where with some of the larger policing agencies not everyone would necessarily know each other.

  1. Career Goals?

Some areas I am interested in, I would like to work eventually with Canine, schools, PACT or in a cultural aspect.

  1. Any words of advice you would like to give to someone applying for Police College?

Try to acquire allot of different experiences, you need that volunteering experience and cultural awareness and need that fitness aspect as well. Try to be a balanced applicant.

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