Assault of Police Officer and Canine

Assault of Police Officer and Canine

Assault of Police Officer and Canine

File # 2018-17257: Assault of Police Officer & Canine

A 19-year-old Prince Albert resident faces charges after assaulting a police officer in addition to assaulting Daxa, the police canine service dog.

On June 6, 2018 at approximately 2 a.m. a member of the Prince Albert Police Service was proactively searching for a suspect male that was believed to be responsible for five arsons within the city within the past six hours.  The PAPS member, who was the canine handler for PSD Daxa, located a male suspect who matched the description provided to police by witnesses to the arsons.

Once the suspect, who was on a pedal bike, recognized that police had interest in him, he attempted to flee from the officer.  After a short chase the suspect transitioned from his bike to attempting to evade on foot.  The suspect was caught in the Unit Block of 13 Street East where commands were given for the suspect to surrender which were ignored. Police Service Dog (PSD) Daxa engaged with the suspect who assaulted the police dog by striking Daxa several times in the head with his closed fist.

Togther, Daxa and her handler managed to subdue the suspect who was handcuffed once control was obtained.  A knife from the suspect had been thrown on the ground and was collected for evidence.

The suspect was taken to hospital for medical assessment in relation to his altercation with Daxa and then released back into police custody.

The male suspect has been charged with assault of a peace officer, assault of peace officer with intent to resist arrest, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, carrying a concealed weapon and willfully causing unnecessary pain or injury to police dog Daxa by striking her in the head several times with his fist contrary to section 445.1(A) of the criminal code.

The suspect will answer to charges in Prince Albert Provincial Court today (Information #991054218)

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