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SGI Media Release - August Traffic Spotlight on Impaired Driving

SGI Media Release – August Traffic Spotlight on Impaired Driving

Think a police officer can't tell if you're driving stoned? Think again! August’s Traffic Safety Spotlight focuses on impaired driving “I drive better when I’m high!” “They’ll never catch me!” “Pffft. That will never hold up in court!” Sound familiar? There are plenty of misconceptions floating around regarding marijuana use and driving. The truth is that it’s illegal and will continue to be illegal in Saskatchewan to drive while impaired – whether by drugs or alcohol – even once marijuana ...

Refusal - Resisting Arrest

Refusal – Resisting Arrest

File # 2018-24613: Refusal – Resisting Arrest On July 31, 2018 at approximately 2:30 a.m., Prince Albert Police Service Patrol observed a truck travelling at excessively high speeds on the unit block of 15 Street West. A pursuit was not initiated due to concern for public safety. The truck was located a short time later in a driveway on the 1200 Block of 15 Street West. The driver was questioned and admitted to drinking beforehand and was arrested. The driver refused to comply with demands for a breath ...