Employment Package

To Apply:

  1. Download and fill out completely the Employment Package on the website.
  2. Submit your application in-person, by email to [email protected] or by mail to the front counter of the Prince Albert Police Service. The Prince Albert Police Service is located at 45 - 15th Street West, Prince Albert Saskatchewan.

Recruiter Contact Information:

If you have questions about the recruitment process please contact a PAPS Recruiter below.

Sgt. Kelsey Bighetty
Prince Albert Police Service
[email protected]

Phone: 306-953-4215


*NOTE* Emails are only monitored during regular business hours.

**All items in each stage must be completed and approved before moving onto the next.


Stage 1

:: Download Here ::

Included forms consist of:

  1. General Information Form (included in download)
  2. The Police Act Employment Application, Form R1 (included in download)
  3. Family Members Form (included in download)
  4. Release of Information Form (included in download)
  5. Self Identification Questionnaire (included in download)
  6. Personal and Professional Reference Forms (included in download)
  7. Grade Twelve transcripts or GED equivalency (photocopy)provide transcripts of any post-secondary education
  8. Traffic Safety Act (TSA) driving Abstract (last 5 years) 
  9. First Aid & CPR Certificates (copies) 
  10. Resume

Stage 2

:: Download Here ::

Your application will be reviewed for completeness and added into the process. You will be contacted for your Sigma and POPAT times. Please print off the “POPAT medical clearance” and “consent  to undertake POPAT” forms. Have your doctor sign your medical clearance form and you must sign your consent form. Bring both forms to your POPAT. You will not be allowed to run the POPAT course without both of these forms completed.

  1. POPAT Medical Clearance Form (included in download)
  2. Consent to Undertake POPAT Form (included in download)


Stage 3

:: Download Here ::

Once you have passed both the SIGMA and the POPAT tests, you must print off the Personal Disclosure Form and provide it to the recruiting NCO prior to your interview.

  1. Personal Disclosure Form (included in download)

The Personal Disclosure Form is all that is required before the interview. You will be notified when the vision and medical forms are required.

  1. Vision Examination Form (included in download)
  2. Medical Examination Form (included in download)

All materials will become the property of the Prince Albert Police Service and will not be returned. The Personal Disclosure form must be current within six months of application. You will be notified of the commencement of the recruiting process. Nothing in the application package implies an offer of employment by the Prince Albert Police Service.