PAPS Positive Ticketing Program thanks sponsors

PAPS Positive Ticketing Program thanks sponsors

PAPS Positive Ticketing Program thanks sponsors

Members of the media were invited to a media conference today thanking sponsors who participated in the Prince Albert Police Service 2018 Positive Ticketing Program.

The Positive Ticketing Program is a community program where members of the Police Service interact and reward youth for positive interactions in the schools and the community. The kids are recognized with a 'positive ticket' with a voucher or coupon to a fun, free activity or product.

Positive Tickets are issued to youth by police officers for good behavior, such as staying out of trouble or performing good deeds. Variations of this program have been established across Canada in communities such as Richmond, Kelowna, Grand Prairie and Toronto.

"The positive tickets are an avenue or tool that can be utilized by our members to initiate relationships between youth, their communities and local businesses," said Community Relations Division Sgt. Travis Willie.

A youth may receive a 'positive ticket' from an officer for any number of positive behaviours including:

  • to recognize youth for practicing personal safety;
  • doing various good deeds;
  • participating in community activities;
  • demonstrating community pride e.g. picking up trash;
  • deterring crime or observing school crossing rules; or
  • as an "icebreaker" to establish a rapport with kids in their patrol area.

The intention is to ensure that the positive tickets legitimately reinforce the positive behaviour exhibited by a youth, by offering something of value.  A positive ticket can be issued to anyone in the age range of 5 – 17 years of age.

The principal of one participating school – Shannon McElligott – principal of Berezowsky School is a strong supporter of the program.

"The positive ticket initiative is an excellent campaign and I know the children who received their tickets were very proud of themselves and when I spoke to them about it they beamed.  It is great to be able to showcase children who put forth such generous and positive efforts into their schooling, community, and peers," said Principal McElligott.

Principal McElligott likes that the program focuses on the positive things that youth are doing and recognizing their efforts, as often only negative actions by youth receive attention.

"It is something that should be supported by the community as a whole.  There are many, many wonderful children out there and sometimes people just tend to get caught up on some of the negatives they see, said McElligott.

On each positive ticket the name and badge number of the issuing officer is stated as well as what the youth did to deserve the ticket.

The positive tickets are donated by local businesses and organizations and usually come in the form of gift certificates, passes, or discounts.

The following businesses came on board with the 2018 Prince Albert Police Service Positive Ticketing Campaign:

  • Prince Albert Raiders
  • Galaxy Cinemas
  • McDonalds
  • A&W
  • PA Fast Print
  • Minto Bowl
  • High Noon Optimist Club

"We would like to thank all of the above noted businesses for their generous donations," said Sgt. Willie.

"Though the reasons for issuing the coupons may vary, the end result of this youth positive ticketing initiative is the same for every youngster: A positive police/community interaction experience," said, Sgt. Willie.





Communications Strategist Alanna Adamko

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