Media Release - Prince Albert Police Service Offering Firearm Amnesty Program

Media Release - Prince Albert Police Service Offering Firearm Amnesty Program

Media Release – Prince Albert Police Service Offering Firearm Amnesty Program

The Prince Albert Police Service continues to promote public safety and crime prevention through the safe handling and management of unwanted firearms and/or ammunition. Starting today, the Prince Albert Police Service will begin accepting illegal or unwanted firearms, other weapons, or ammunition for safe disposal.

Residents wishing to voluntarily surrender their firearms for disposal must complete and sign a waiver form agreeing to relinquish the firearm. Residents may also be asked questions about the history of the firearm prior to pickup, for example, whether it was obtained through a family member or as part of an estate.

Residents should not bring their firearms to the police station, and must call ahead to arrange a pickup time by calling the non-emergency line at 306-953-4222. Residents should ensure all related paperwork or documentation is included when arranging pick up.

“The police service recognizes that many residents have a legal permit to own and use firearms, for hunting and recreation, and they use and store their firearms responsibly,” said Inspector Tadd Kellett. “This firearm amnesty program is intended to stop unwanted firearms from ending up in the wrong hands, where they could be used in a violent offence in our community.”

Statistics going to the Prince Albert Board of Police Commissioners this week show 108 firearms have been seized to the end of September 2021 in our community, leading to 81 Criminal Code charges. The types of firearms seized included airguns, rifles, shotguns, restricted firearms, and sawed-off firearms.

In 2020, police seized a total of 154 firearms, an increase over 2019.

Those who submit their firearms voluntarily through the program will not face criminal charges for having possession of an unauthorized firearm. However, surrendered firearms will be checked by police to ensure they have not been involved in any criminal investigations, in which case, other charges may be pursued.

Immunity from prosecution will not apply to those persons who, when detained or arrested, are found to be in possession of a weapon; nor will it apply if it is determined that a firearm or another weapon has been used for a criminal purpose, or obtained through a criminal act.

In addition to its own program, the Prince Albert Police Service has participated previously in firearm amnesty initiatives organized through the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police (SACP) and will continue to support province-wide campaigns aimed at reducing the number of firearms being used illegally in our community.

Information about the Prince Albert Police Service’s Firearm Amnesty program can be found on the police service website, or by visiting the link here.


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