Media Release - Weapons Seizure

Media Release - Weapons Seizure

Media Release – Weapons Seizure

2019-31921 – Weapons Seizure

Four people are facing more than 100 charges after police seized numerous weapons and recovered a stolen vehicle Monday morning.

Police arrested two women and two men in the 200 Block of 15th St. W. around 11:15 a.m. Monday after a passerby reported several people pushing a vehicle into a parking stall in the area. Upon further investigation, police located three firearms, including a sawed-off rifle, a loaded bolt-action rifle, and a Winchester shotgun. Police also located a hand-held taser, a knife, two machetes and masks inside the vehicle.

The four accused are each facing numerous charges including, careless use of a firearm, possession of a dangerous weapon and unauthorized possession of a firearm. They include a 24-year-old woman [Information 991105770]; a 24-year-old man [Information 991105766]; a 25-year-old woman [Information 991105769]; and a 30-year-old man [Information 991105768].


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