Cannabis Legalization and Regulation

Cannabis Legalization and Regulation


Did You Know?

• No person under 19 years old can possess, consume or purchase cannabis in Saskatchewan (just like alcohol).

• No person can consume cannabis in a public place (just like alcohol).

• No person can consume, possess, distribute cannabis on school property or child care property (just like alcohol).

• You can have up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in a public place (does not apply to people under 19).

• No person can consume or have open cannabis in a vehicle (just like alcohol).

• As of October 17, 2019, Marijuana edibles, extracts, and topicals can be legally purchased from retail marijuana stores.

• You cannot have cannabis that was not purchased from a licensed retailer- not able to possess illicit cannabis.

• You cannot consume cannabis in designated smoking areas- it is not like tobacco, it is like alcohol.

• Think to yourself “ would I be able to consume alcohol here?” If not, then most likely you cannot consume cannabis.

• Do not drive after consuming cannabis, alcohol or a combination of both! It is illegal to drive within 2 hrs of consumption.

• Did you know consuming cannabis and alcohol together doubles your impairment?


From the Department of Justice, Canada:

Cannabis (marijuana) remains a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, and, unless otherwise regulated for production and distribution for medical purposes, is subject to offences under that Act.

Unlicensed Sellers

Storefront operations selling cannabis, commonly known as “dispensaries” and “compassion clubs” are not licensed by Health Canada under the current law and are illegal. They are supplied by illegal growers and sell untested, unregulated products that may be unsafe and of particular risk to children.

Where can I find the regulations for accessing medicinal marijuana?

The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations exists on the Government of Canada website.

How do I know if my online medical marijuana provider is licensed?

The Government of Canada keeps a list of Authorized Licensed Producers of Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Legalizing and strictly regulating cannabis: the facts

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